Friday, March 20, 2009

Good times, good times....

I am very excited to have my good friend Class-Factotum visit me this weekend. She will arrive tomorrow morning, her husband will follow her on Sunday and they will stay through his meeting on Monday. Follow her blog, since she will likely be posting pics from our time together. CheeseGuy Family Movie Day is tomorrow- a beautiful old family tradition, complete with the gravitas that his family attaches to all traditions (in this case, voting ballots, spreadsheets, etc). I think our movies are Slumdog Millionaire, MILK, Leatherheads, and Pineapple Express. I've seen Slumdog Millionaire already and I didn't vote for Leatherheads or Pineapple Express, but that is irrelevant- the "Process" was followed, and we abide by the rules.

Wow, I found a MeanMommy moment and I wasn't even looking!!

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