Thursday, September 3, 2009

Who is the center of your family?

My friend Rachel clued me into this article, which talks about women putting pictures of their kids up as their Facebook profile photo. It tied into an issue I've had for some time-- family holiday cards which only contain pictures of the children. I have no problem with family photos, but when the cards only contain the faces of the kids, it sends the message that the parents don't matter. Who are these faceless, Charlie-Brown style adults? All I see are adorable kids, so who's in control?

Parents should be front and center of everything done with the family. I love the part in the article where it talks about how by being over-engaged in every aspect of our children's lives, we have created kids who cannot play by themselves, who cannot entertain themselves. There is a fine line between supporting your children and giving them a good foundation of safety and security AND being too over-involved and smothering. It is a line more parents should be mindful of.

Make sure you as parents are the center of the family, that not everything revolves around every kid's activity, every hour of the day. Make sure you are in control of your family. Your kids will be more independent as a result, and they will thank you for it.