Sunday, June 15, 2008

Working it Out

I want to give props to my sisters-in-law for how they have been dealing with their sons these past few weeks.  One family recently moved here, and their son is 4 1/2.  The other family lives here, and they have 2 sons, the older of which is about 3 1/2.  Both of them are used to being stars, and getting lots of attention.  This makes for a painful wake up call-- necessary, but painful.  It's extremely hard the day you have to deal with the fact that you are not the only golden child.  

I have to say, both Mean Mommies are handling it quite well.  I saw them both in action recently at a family event.  Lots of "not sharing" and lots of whining about it.  Both Mean Mommies stood their ground, were fair yet loving, and wanted no part of a whining little boy.  They made them share, and took toys away when the boys simply could not do it.  

Two wonderful examples, proud to know them both.


msfitzy said...

In our household we call this putting the toy in a time out - it is very effective when the two little ones won't share or are fighting over the toy. Of course they have figured out that if they don't want their sibling to play with the toy they tell me to put it in timeout - not sure how to handle that yet...

MeanMommyDoc said...

I LOVE that idea. I'm going to share that with my families. Thanks, M!