Friday, April 25, 2008

Single-Minded Creatures

I want to make all the MeanMommies out there feel a little better about how exhausted they are from the constant struggle with their SmartOnes. You have to remember, you as MeanMommies have many jobs. You work, you take care of your kids, you may cook and clean the house, you have to run errands, you are a friend, a spouse, a daughter, maybe a sister... That's a lot of jobs for one person. Your darling little precious children? One job. One.

To Get What They Want.

That's it. That's the only job they have, the only thing they have to worry about. Day in and day out. No bills, no putting food on the table. No trying to remember Aunt Rita's birthday while making plane reservations and talking to your father on the phone.

And because they only have one job, they are spectacularly good at it. Single-minded in their pursuit of their goal, whether it be five more minutes before sleep, or a piece of candy in the store.

Remember that, when you're exhausted from the fight. Remember that, stay strong, don't give in, but give yourself a break.


meanie said...

wow. i so need that tonight. so glad i clicked on over. thanks.

MeanMommyDoc said...

You are so welcome. Anytime.

Marta said...

I think that should be the first thing taught in Parenting 101. (is anyone teaching such a class??)
Maybe instinctively knowing stuff like that is what makes us Mean Mommies so effective.

Thanks for the reminder. =D